The Internal Government

"I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize." Paul (I Corinthians, 9:27)

In effect, the body is a miniature of the Universe.

It is indispensable, therefore, that we learn to govern it.

As an earthly material representation of the spiritual personality, it is reasonable that each one of us be attentive to its needs. It is not that passive substance has acquired more power than the human will; however, it is imperative to recognize that the inferior tendencies are intent on extracting from us the power of control.

It is important that each individual be alert as to his own government.

The internal life, in some ways, resembles the life of a State. The spirit assumes the control assisted by various ministries, such as that of reflection, knowledge, understanding, respect and orderliness. Diverse and simultaneous thoughts represent good or bad pleas from the inner parliament. In the depth of each mind, extensive potential for progress and sublimation exists, claiming work.

The supreme governor which is the spirit, in the cellular cosmos, issues beneficial laws, but does not always mobilize the prosecuting organs of individual will. The inferior zones then continue in their prior disorders, not caring about the renovating decrees that they do not adhere to or execute. When this anomaly occurs the individual goes on to become a living enigma, when not converted into a blind or perverse person.

Whoever expects a healthy life, without self-discipline is not far from a ruinous or total imbalance.

It is necessary to install our individual personal government into every position in life. The fundamental problem is to observe a strong will toward ourselves and goodwill toward our fellow man.

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