Treatment of Obsession

"Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed." (Acts, 5:16)

The Christian Church of the first centuries did not block the redeeming ideas of the Christ in silvery glitter of the external worship.

It was alive, full of pleadings and answers.

Similarly, the Evangelical Spiritism today opens its benevolent doors to whoever is suffering or seeks the path of salvation.

It is interesting to note that the tremendous task ahead for the spiritists of the hour in the rescue of complex and painful obsessions, was intimately known to the Apostles. They counseled the perturbed spirits renovating them through the examples and through the teachings, not only to the discarnates in severe suffering, but also, to the sick mediums who were affected by their spiritual interferences.

From the very start of the doctrinaire task, the soul of Christianity is cognizant that the invisible beings, confused and unbalanced, roamed the world producing psychic wounds to whoever was the recipient of their action, and is not unaware of the demanding task of conversion and spiritual elevation that is required to be realized. However, the religious dogmas have impeded its efficient service, for many centuries.

In actuality, the primitive scenes of the Glad Tidings resurge.

Ignorant and unfortunate spiritual entities receive new light, and a new course in the loving homes that Christian Spiritism institutes, overcoming prior concepts and important difficulties.

The treatment of obsession, therefore, is not an eccentric task in our centers of renovating faith. It simply constitutes the continuing effort of salvation to all the wayward souls, which commenced in the luminous hands of Jesus.

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