Evangelical Treatments

Always help.

Do not fear.

Never despair.

Learn incessantly.

Think profoundly.

Meditate more.

Speak little.

Correct lovingly.

Work happily.

Direct sensibly.

Obey contentedly.

Do no complain.

Go forward.

Observe what is beyond.

Look well ahead.

Discuss serenely.

Shed light.

Sow peace.

Spread blessings.

Struggle and elevate.

Be joyful.

Live fearlessly.

Demonstrate courage.

Reveal calmness.

Respect everything.

Pray confidently.

Be watchful with benevolence.

Go forth, progressing.

Serve today.

Await tomorrow.

Habituate yourself to serenity and strength in the circles of human struggle. Without these conquests it will be difficult for you to free yourself from the succession of inferior reincarnations.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Christian Agenda. By the Spirit André Luiz. Great Britain: Allan Kardec Publishing Ltd, 1998. Chapter 5.