A Fraternal Solicitation

Help, with your prayers, all those brothers and sisters...

who never find the time or resources to be useful to anyone;

who declare themselves affronted by ingratitude on all sides;

whose eyes are cloaked in darkness and so see evil in all situations;

who dream of a thousand castles in the clouds, but do not light one candle on the ground;

who will only cooperate in the ivory tower of personal interest, unwilling to descend so as to collaborate with others;

who believe themselves to have special missions and thus entitled to exceptional benefits;

who use up precious time talking exclusively about themselves;

who give up the process of learning from the human struggle;

who never cease to find excuses for all their faults;

who want to live like orchids in the living room of the world;

who judge themselves to be the obligatory centres of general attention;

who make a fetish of illness and obstacles.

These are very sick people in need of Silent Help.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Christian Agenda. By the Spirit André Luiz. Great Britain: Allan Kardec Publishing Ltd, 1998. Chapter 7.