Prior to Service

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many." Jesus (Matthew, 20:28)

While in the company of the spirit of service, we shall always be well protected. The entire Creation reaffirms this truth with absolute clarity.

From the inferior kingdoms to the highest spheres all things serve in their own time.

The law of work, with its division and the specialization of tasks, is preponderant in the humblest elements of the various sectors of Nature.

This tree will cure illnesses, that other one will produce fruit. There are stones that contribute to the construction of homes; others serve as a foundation for road construction.

The Father designated the planetary home to the human being, whereby each object is found in its proper place, merely awaiting the dignified effort and proper word, in order to teach mankind the art of service. If provided with the gunpowder designated to spark the energy, and if this gun powder is utilized as an instrument of death to his fellowman, the earthly user is accountable, because the Supreme Being suggests that every action be in the practice of good, aiming the elevation and enrichment of all the values of the Universal Patrimony.

Let us not forget that Jesus worked while he was among us. Let us examine the nature of His sacrificing service and learn from the Master the happiness of sanctifying service.

You can start immediately.

A hoe or a casserole constitute an excellent way to begin. If you feel ill and unable to make a direct contribution, you can still commence by helping in the moral edification of your brothers.

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