"Be content with your pay." John the Baptist (Luke, 3:14)

John the Baptist's reply to the soldiers that beseeched his enlightenment, is a model of conciseness and good sense.

Many people get lost through inextricable labyrinths by virtue of deficient comprehension regarding problems of compensation in common life.

Some employees solicit salaries merited by cabinet ministers without realizing the great responsibility that frequently converts world leaders or administrators into victims of insomnia and anxiety, or martyrs of presentations and banquets.

There are learned men who give-up the peace in their homes in exchange for increasing their salaries.

Numerous persons persist anxiously and incredulously from youth to old age with afflictions and illnesses for not accepting the monthly salary that the human circumstances of life have assigned to them within the Unfathomable Designs.

It will not be due to excessive remuneration that the individual will be integrated into the divine spheres of life.

If one individual remains conscious of the duties he/she is to fulfill, then, the greater his/her income, the greater his worry will be.

For a long time, there has been a popular saying that "For a great ship a great storm will surge." The acceptance of his salary on the part of each laborer is proof of an evolved awareness of the justice of the Almighty.

Rather than trying to analyze the pay scale here on Earth, get accustomed to placing value on the concessions received from Heaven.

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