Make Use of the Light

"Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. The man who walks in the dark does not know where he is going." Jesus (John, 12:35)

A person who meditates will come across divine thoughts when analyzing the past and the future. He will find himself situated between two eternities, the days of yore and the days yet to come.

By examining the treasures of the present, he will discover precious opportunities.

In the future, he will be able to foresee a blessed light of immortality, while in the past he will perceive the shadows of ignorance, of malpractice errors, and badly lived experiences. The great majority of humans possess no other panorama with regard to either a close or remote past except that of ruin and disenchantment, which compels them to reevaluate the resources at hand.

In spite of being transitory, human existence is the flame that places each one in contact with the service needed for a just ascension. With this blessed opportunity it is possible to redeem, to achieve, to conquer, to unite, to reconcile and to enrich yourselves in the Master.

Reflect on this observation of Jesus and you will perceive His illuminated reasoning. "Walk while you have the light," He said.

Take advantage of the gift of time you have been given in edifying work.

Stay away from inferior conditions; acquire higher understanding.

Without showing signs of improvement and betterment during the march ahead, you will be dominated by darkness. This means you will annul your sacred opportunity and revert to less worthy impulses, thus regressing after the death of the body, to the very shadows from which you previously emerged, with the intent of conquering new peaks on the sublime mountain of life.

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