Who Do You Obey?

"And once made perfect, he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him." Paul (Hebrews, 5:9)

Every human being is obedient to someone or to something.

Nobody remains without an objective.

Even rebellion submits itself to the correcting forces of life.

Man is obedient at all times. However, if he has not been able to define his own submission as a constructive virtue, it is generally due to being influenced by impulses of a lower nature, resisting the opportunity for his inner elevation.

He usually transforms the obedience that could save him into slavery that will condemn him. The Lord delineated the graduation of the path; He established the Law of personal effort, in the acquisition of the supreme values in Life, and determined that man must accept this design in order to be truly free. However, man preferred to go along with his inferior condition and created his own imprisonment. The disciple must carefully examine the field in which he is to realize his own task.

Who do you obey? Do you perhaps first attend to your human vanities or to the opinions of others, prior to observing the recommendations of the Divine Master?

It is always advisable to reflect in this regard, because only when we follow the living teaching of Jesus in every sense, can we liberate the enslavement of the world in favor of eternal salvation.

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