"Brothers, pray for us." Paul (I Thessalonians, 5:25)

Many human beings smile ironically when we speak of the assistance received from intercessory prayers.

Mankind has become so habituated to automatic theatrics that he has difficulty in understanding the sincerity of profound spiritual manifestation. The intercessory prayer, meanwhile, continues to provide benefits of inalterable value. It would be unjustifiable to believe that this type of prayer would be a flattering praise intended for an earthly monarch in order to obtain certain favors.

A prayer soliciting an intercession is surely one of the most beautiful fraternal acts, and can trigger the emission of beneficial and illuminating forces. Such forces, when originating from a sincere spirit, go straight to the proposed objective as a blessing of comfort and energy. The results, do not occur as a gift, but rather, as a consequence of just laws. It is difficult for man to believe in the existence and influence of invisible thought waves, but he is in the midst of sounds which his material ears do not register. He solely understands tangible assistance; however, in Nature one can observe venerable trees that protect and preserve grass and shrubs receiving life's blessing without ever touching their roots or their trunks.

Do not overlook the blessings of an intercession.

Jesus prayed for His disciples and followers in the culminating hours.

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