False Allegations

"What do you want with me, Jesus, Son of the most high God? I beg you, don't torture me." Jesus (Luke, 8:28)

The case of the perturbed spirit who felt the proximity of Jesus, and received His presence with furious questions, presents numerous aspects worthy of study.

The circumstance of begging the Divine Master to stop tormenting him demands the attention of the sincere disciples.

Who could possibly perceive Jesus Christ as capable of inflicting harm to anyone? This case involves an ignorant and perverse entity is involved who in his inner delusions, had been suffering due to his own doing. But, the proximity of the Master, brought him sufficient clarity to analyze his torment, a conscience embroiled in a swamp of crime and shadowy defections. The light was punishing his interior darkness, revealing a tortured nakedness worthy of compassion and pity.

The picture is very significant of those who flee from religious truths of life, classifying its contexts in the distasteful elixir of anguish and suffering. Those spirits, indifferent and playful, usually affirm that the service of faith submerge a tearful path thus obscuring the heart.

Such affirmations, nonetheless, denounce them. On a higher or lower scale, they are companions of the unhappy brother who accused Jesus Christ of being a minister of torments.

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