"Because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea blown and tossed by wind." (James, 1:6)

Undeniably, there is a scientific and philosophical doubt in the world that, enmeshed within loyal hearts constitutes a precious stimulus toward the achievement of elevated convictions. Apostle James here refers to the fickleness in man, who, by seeking to receive divine benefits in the sphere of personal advantages, customarily pursues varying situations on Earth, in the area of intellectual investigation, without a firm goal of relying in the substantial values of life.

He, who tries to trespass several doors simultaneously, will be unable to cross any.

Frivolities jeopardize the people on every path, mainly, in work positions, in illness of the body and in affectionate relations.

In order for any one to be able to judge correctly regarding a particular experience, it is necessary to enumerate the years that he has spent living with its characteristics.

We must, above all, confide sincerely in the Wisdom and in the Mercy of the Almighty, understanding that it is indispensable to persevere with someone or some cause, which will assist and edificate us.

Those unstable people remain figuratively represented "like a wave of the sea blown and tossed by wind."

When you are of service or when you are waiting for the blessings from on High, do not allow yourself to be affected by an obsessive anxiety. The Father disposes of innumerable instruments to administer goodness, and He is always the same Paternal Father through all of them. The blessing will reach you, but it depends on you, in the manner that you proceed in the constructive struggle, persisting or not, confidently, without which the Divine Power will encounter natural obstacles to manifest itself in your path.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 22.