Crushing Evil

"The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." Paul (Romans, 16:20)

All over the planet we can recognize the existence of an unstoppable battle without truce between the forces of good and evil.

The great conflict manifests in diverse forms, and in the whirlwind of its movements many sensitive souls invariably maintain themselves in an attitude of evocation to the protective geniuses, so that these might come to the arena to combat the enemies that torment them, in an attempt to overcome them forever.

Soliciting help or calling upon the law of cooperation represent laudable actions of the spirit that recognizes its own weakness. However, insisting on the aid of others to substitute the efforts that correspond only to us to dispense, displays a false position, susceptible of accentuating our necessities.

Satan representing the power of evil in human life, shall be crushed by God; however, Paul of Tarsus quite clearly defines the place of the divine victory. The supreme triumph shall be verified under the feet of men.

When a human being, through his own dedication and illuminative labor, dedicates himself to the Father, without reserve, effecting His sacrosanct will, forgetting the old animalistic selfishness, and learning the great importance of his eternal spirit, he shall then achieve a sublime victory.

Our Paternal Father has already dedicated Himself to His terrestrial sons, but few are the sons that have dedicated themselves to Him. It is indispensable thus, not to forget that evil will not be eliminated superficially, but it will be so, under the individual feet of each and every one of us.

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