With Charity

"Do everything in love." Paul (I Corinthians, 16:14)

At present there are many people who still do not truly understand the concept of charity other than the act of dressing humbly on Saturday and Sunday in order to distribute some bread to the less fortunate, or to await public disasters to manifest themselves, or to send moving appeals in the press.

We cannot doubt the good intention of certain groups worthy of praise; however, we must recognize that the sublime gift is of sublime extension.

Paul indicates that charity, expressing Christian love, should embrace all the manifestations in our life.

To extend a helping hand, and to distribute consolation is putting into practice the highest virtue. All this potential of the spirit, nonetheless, should adjust itself to the divine precepts, because charity exists in speaking and in listening, in impeding and in favoring, in forgetting and in remembering. Time will come when the mouth, the ear, and the feet shall be the allies of fraternal hands in the services of supreme righteousness.

Each person, just as each thing, requires the contribution of charity in a particular way. Men that direct or are obedient beseech their beneficial presence, in order that they can be illuminated in the department of the House of the Lord, in which they find themselves. Without sublime love, there will always be darkness, generating complications.

From this moment on, partake of your tasks charitably. If you do not find immediate spiritual retribution in the area of understanding, be certain that the Father accompanies all of His children with devotion.

Are there rocks and thorns? Fixate your thoughts in Jesus and go forth.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 31.