"For wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather." (Matthew, 24:28)

In presenting the image of corpses and of the vultures, Jesus was making reference to the necessity of the penitent individuals that require the resources in order to be able to struggle for the elimination of the shadows in which they are immersed.

A swamp is not eradicated by showering it with flowers.

The putrid bodies in the field attract vultures that devour them.

That representation of such great significance symbolizes one of the strongest calls from our Lord invoking the followers of the Gospel toward the movement of sanctifying work.

In various circles of the revived Christianity many disenchanted followers have surged, complaining about the action from persecutors, obsessors, and executioners, visible and invisible. Some students affirm that they feel tied to these influences and confess being incapable of following the designs of Jesus.

However, much thought should be given prior to making assertions of this sort that, in reality, only signals accusations at their authors.

It is imperative to remember always that the impious birds will gather around abandoned carcasses.

The vultures will seek out other regions when the field in which they were congregating is cleansed.

The individual who invariably affirms unhappiness creates the impression that he breaths inside of a tomb; however, when he makes an effort to renovate his own path, those dark birds of sadness will draw themselves farther away.

Fight against the cadavers of any shape that may wrap themselves in your inner world. Let the divine sun of spirituality penetrates within you. As long as you remain a coffin for deadly ideas, you shall be closely pursued by the vultures of destruction.

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