To the End

"But he who stands firm to the end, will be saved." Jesus (Matthew, 24:13)

Here we do not see Jesus referring to an end, which could symbolize termination, but rather as finality, an aim, and an objective.

The Gospel shall be preached to the people so that each one can understand and achieve the superior goals of life.

It is for this reason that only those incarnates that know how to persevere are able to break the bud of animalistic conditions.

When the Master applauded persistence, He was demonstrating the arduous tasks of those striving to achieve the excellence of the spiritual path.

It is essential to eliminate those false notions of gratuitous favors from the Divinity.

No one will be able to flee with impunity from the respective effort required of him for his task toward personal perfection.

The doors of Heaven remain wide open. They have never been closed. Nonetheless, in order for the individual to elevate to such heights, he requires wings of love and wisdom. For this purpose, the Supreme Being confers extensive copies of merciful material to all His children; but He also confers to each one the obligation of carving them. Such a task, however, requires tremendous effort. In order to finalize the goal, the contribution of days and lifetimes are recruited. Many persons become disenchanted preferring to remain stationary for centuries in the labyrinth of inferiority; however, the good workers know how to persevere until finally achieving the divine objectives of the terrestrial path, continuing the sublime trajectory toward perfection.

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