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"And said: If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace!" Jesus (Luke, 19:42)

The exclamation made by Jesus in Jerusalem, applies more to the heart of man, "the living temple of the Father," rather than to a material city, destined to ruin and to desegregation in the sectors of experience.

Let us imagine what the world would be if each human being knew his requirements for inner peace.

By virtue of a general lack of attention to this important feature in life, men have become involved in painful difficulties, accumulating deep debts.

Let us notice the assertion made by the Master: "had only known on this day."

These words invite us to think of the opportunity of service that we have at the present time, and to reflect on the centuries that we have lost. They compel us to meditate over the occasion for work that is always available for the diligent spirits.

The incarnate individual disposes of a glorious time that is momentarily his own, which was provided by the Almighty for his personal renovation.

It is important that each one of us recognizes what is necessary for our own tranquility. Each individual should observe a dignified attitude toward comprehending his personal obligations, and the phantoms of disturbances will be withheld from afar. Let each person care about his own particular affairs, and two thirds of the social problems of the world would be naturally resolved.

Pay attention to the minor needs of your immediate circle and answer to them in your own behalf.

You will not walk among the stars, until you have threshed out the humble path that awaits you.

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