Invitation to Righteousness

"But when you are invited, go." Jesus (Luke, 14:10)

At all times, righteousness has constituted the divine fountain capable of providing immortal values.

The individual that reflects must have observed that the period of infancy is a set of calls to the sublime spring.

The sacred invitation is repeated year after year. It comes down by way of our loving human parents, our academic mentors, from healthy reading material, from the religious sentiments, and from our common friends.

Nevertheless, few intelligences do reach the youth with their attention fixated on an elevated calling. Almost all the people listen to the petitions from an inferior nature forgetting their precious obligations.

Notwithstanding, the calls still persist.

Here it might be a friendly book revealing truth, silently; there, it could be a generous companion who insists on the enlightened realities of life.

Rebellion in man, however, even after maturity, usually laughs unconsciously, continuously passing by in a compulsive march, in the direction of natural disenchantments, which will impose more balanced thoughts.

In the Gospel of Jesus, the invitation to righteousness is groomed in eternal truth. By accepting it, we will be able to proceed toward the encounter with our Father without hesitation.

If the Christian trumpet has already reached your ears, accept its truth without hesitation.

Do not wait for the thorns of necessity.

During a storm it becomes more difficult to visualize the port.

The majority of our brothers on Earth walk toward God under the ultimatum of much pain, so do not wait for the lashing from the shadows when you can calmly follow through the clear paths of love.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 39.