"Heal the sick who are there, and tell them, The Kingdom of God is near you." Jesus (Luke, 10:9)

Truly, Jesus cured many of the sick and recommended them to the disciples in a very special way. However, the Celestial Physician did not forget to summon the Divine Kingdom those who were being restored in the human deficiencies.

It does not interest us solely to see the rehabilitation of the vehicle through which we express ourselves, but rather, above all, in the spiritual enhancement.

It is important for the individual to be free from illnesses, but it is indispensable that they value the health. However, it is extremely difficult indeed for us to understand the hidden lesson involved in the disturbance of the body, and difficult to assimilate and understand the call to the sanctifying work to which we are directed for our physical equilibrium.

Would the Father allow the reconstitution of our cellular harmony solely, so that our contaminated will could strike it and injure it in detriment to our spirit?

The patient will desire to readjust his vitality; nonetheless, it is up to him to be prudent and value the elements that have been delegated to him for this edificating earthly experience.

There are sick patients who lament being relegated to their bed and cry, not because they have renewed concepts regarding the sacred principles of life, but for not being able to prolong their reckless behavior.

It is always valuable to cure the sick when permission from on High is allowed; but because of this concession from the Almighty, it is reasonable for the interested individual to reconsider graciously the questions that concern him, realizing that a new day was allowed to his spirit to proceed in a redeeming path.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 44.