When You Pray

"And when you stand praying, forgive." Jesus (Mark, 11:25)

A sincere attitude of the soul when praying is not derived from ordinary mechanical movements. During our common struggle, we invariably follow automatic material experiences that modify, almost imperceptibly, during our existence; however, when the soul turns itself toward the divine sanctuaries of the superior planes through prayer, our conscience becomes finely tuned to the eternal and creative sense of infinite life.

Let each student examine the sensation that he experiences as he places himself in the appropriate position of prayer to the Heavens, being well aware that it is indispensable to maintain an inner peace, toward people and to circumstances on the path.

A mind at prayer moves continuously vibrating in the invisible sphere.

The incarnates, even though they are unknown to each other, concerning conventional activities, do communicate with one another via the delicate fibers of will manifested through the prayer. It is in such instances, that we should consecrate ourselves, exclusively to the most elevated zone within us, as we send messages, calls, intentions, projects and anxieties that seek a suitable objective.

Whoever utilizes this opportunity, consciously or unconsciously, to project currents of ill will, deserves our pity. For this reason, Jesus being aware of the lack of men and women free of culpability promoted, this project of love to benefit each disciple of the Gospel, "and when you stand praying, forgive."

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