The Difficulty of Pleasing Others

"If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ." Paul (Galatians, 1:10)

The sincere disciples of the Gospel would do well to preoccupy themselves with their own endeavors and conscientiously accomplish the tasks, which they were called upon to fulfill daily, learning to overlook the irrational opinions of the world.

The great multitude will not know how to display warmth and admiration except to those who supply their demands and whims. In the conflicts, which the student will no doubt encounter on the path, the faithful apprentice of Jesus will be a different type of worker who, instinctively, the multitude will not comprehend.

Great inexperience and lack of vigilance will be apparent to the messenger of the Glad Tidings who shows concern regarding how the world likes or dislikes him. When he finds himself in materially wealthy and prosperity, in which the Master confers him greater economic comfort, some malicious neighbors, will inquire as to the cause of his successful triumphs; but, when he encounters poverty and difficulties, people will attribute these problematic experiences as a retreat in face of the sublime ideals embraced.

It is indispensable to strive on behalf of human beings, as one who is aware that the integral task belongs to Jesus Christ. The world will eventually recognize the great efforts of the sincere devotee; however, that will come at another time, when its evolvement permits.

On many occasions the popular opinion is equivalent to that of infantile gatherings who do not tolerate highly inspired educators on the subject of order and evolvement, work and achievement.

Let therefore, the sincere laborer of the Christ strive without concern for the erroneous judgments of the gathering. Jesus knows who he is, and that is all that matters.

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