An Old Argument

"At this point Festus interrupts Paul's defense: - You are out of your mind, Paul! He shouted. Your great learning is driving you insane." (Acts, 26:24)

It is common to hear the disciples of the Gospel referred to as crazy by the scientific circles of each century.

The argument is commonly heard from those who intend to flee the truth, complacent in their own errors.

There are many workers who waste valuable time lamenting over being referred to as mentally unbalanced by the multitudes. This is not cause for a sterile confrontation.

On many occasions the Master was assumed to be demented, and the Apostles were also thus defined.

In one of his final arguments we see the valiant friend of the gentiles, Paul, facing the Provincial Court of Caesarea proclaiming the immortal truths of Jesus Christ. The assembly is taken back in amazement. Those noble and sincere words frighten the listeners. It was precisely at that time that Festus acting as host of the guests, deliberately, tries to break down the vibration of astonishment that had come over the atmosphere. But before doing so, the astute Roman, realized that it was first important to justify his actions on a sound basis. How could he accuse the great converted of Damascus, if he Festus was aware of his correct character, his sincere humility, the sublime patience and the fierce spirit of sacrifice? He then, remembers the "great knowledge" and Paul was considered crazy by the divine science, to which he made reference.

Remember then the self-sacrificing warrior and do not be affected by false references from those that try to provoke you into abandoning the truth. Evil is incompatible with righteousness, and with little knowledge or with great knowledge from the moment that you align yourself with the disciples of Jesus, you will not be free of the inferior world with its sarcasm and persecution.

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