Subtle Dangers

"Do not be idolaters." Paul (I Corinthians, 10:7)

The recommendations given by Paul to the Corinthians should be remembered and applied at any time in the services of the religious ascension of the world.

It is indispensable to avoid idolatry in all circumstances. Its manifestations always presented serious dangers to the spiritual life.

The ancient beliefs are still replete with exterior cults and dead idols.

The Consoler who was sent to the world in the venerable spiritist mission, will watch out for this poisonous process which paralyzes the soul.

Here and there signs of worship surge that are important to combat. No further use of idols in the human circles, or physical instruments supposedly sanctified for use in conventional ceremonies, but rather, friendly entities and incarnate mediums that unconscious individuals inadvertently introduce into the frail altar of the fanciful honors. It is necessary to recognize that there lies a subtle danger through which innumerable workers have slid into the cliffs of uselessness.

Inopportune praise customarily perverts the dedicated but inexperienced mediums, in addition to creating an environment of misunderstanding, which impedes the immediate interjection of the true friends of righteousness from the spiritual plane.

No one should overlook the relatively imperfect spiritual condition that, as yet, is held by the discarnates that communicate, and of the immediate necessities of life needed by the human mediums.

Let us struggle to combat the false idols that menace Christian Spiritism. Let each disciple utilize the ample resources of the law of cooperation, using his own personal efforts with sincere devotion to the task, and let all of us remember that in the apostleship of the Divine Master, love and fidelity to Almighty God will constitute the central theme.

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