"He replied: `Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.'" Jesus (Luke, 11:28)

Jesus was directing His words to the multitude, with the enormous strength of His love, controlling the general attention of all. He had just finished the loving and wise observations, when a woman stood up amidst the crowd. Magnetized by His expression of sublime spirituality, she spoke in a loud voice about the blessings that should correspond to Mary, for having contributed to the arrival of the Savior to Earth. However, understanding well the unhappy consequences that could come from this thoughtlessness expressed, the Master responded promptly saying that prior to anything, blessed will be those who upon hearing the revelation of God, put its teachings into practice and observe its principles.

The passage constitutes a vivid enlightenment, not to hinder the campaign against personal praise by the sincere disciples, since it is poisonous to the most saintly tasks, suffocating its purpose and hope.

If you admire a companion that in your eyes appears to be a faithful worker for righteousness, do not perturb him with words that the world has frequently abused, repeating superficial phrases of praise but feasting dangerous flattery. Help him with goodwill and understanding in the execution of the ministry to which he was assigned, without forgetting that above all the blessings, the divine gift shines on "those who hear the words of God and obey it."

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