Bad Conversations

"Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character." Paul (I Corinthians, 15:33)

An undignified conversation always leaves traces of inferiority wherever it occurred. An environment of distrust immediately substitutes the climate of serenity. The poison of sick investigations disperses rapidly. After an undignified conversation, there is always less sincerity and less expression of fraternal strength. The phantoms of slander born in dishonorable cradles slip into good intentioned persons, intent in the destruction of honest homes; inferior preoccupations that spy from afar surge, distorting respectable attitudes; criminal curiosity emerges appearing where they have not been called, emitting distasteful opinions which induce the listeners into lies and insanity.

Bad conversation corrupts the most dignified thoughts. As a result, worthy conversations suffer, everywhere, an unstoppable persecution, thus making it crucial for Man to guard against their insistent and destructive siege.

When the heart is bestowed to Jesus, it is very easy to control situations and to eliminate dishonorable words.

Always examine the verbal suggestions that surround your daily path. Were you informed of bad news, evil accusations, and futile and malicious information regarding others? Observe your reaction. On every occasion, there are recourses to rectify lovingly, and you can renew all of this material in Jesus Christ.

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