"Do everything without complaining or arguing." Paul (Philippians, 2:14)

There has never been a dispute that was not preceded by inferior complaining. It is an ancient habit of frivolous people to insight ingratitude, immoral misery, pride, vanity and all the scourges that ruin souls in this world in order to organize shady conversations, where goodness, love and truth are focused with malice.

When someone starts encountering simple motives for many complaints, it is important to proceed with a rigorous self-examination in order to verify if, in fact, oneself is not suffering from the terrible illness of irritability.

Those who fulfill their duties with righteous activities will certainly not be able to have occasion for complaints.

It is indispensable for the disciple to be on guard against an accumulation of destructive energies, because in a general sense, their pernicious influence invades almost all the areas of struggle of the Planet.

It is easy to identify them. For them, everything is erroneous, nothing is good, and you can expect no better in anything. Their word is that of permanent irritability, their observations are unjust and discouraging.

Let us strive with everything within our power to counteract these humiliating mental attitudes. Confident in God, let us expand our hopes and dreams completely assured that just as the old proverbs assert, "an optimistic heart is the medical prescription for peace and happiness."

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 75.