In Spirit

"But, if by the spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live." Paul (Romans, 8:13)

He who lives according to the sublime laws of the spirit breathes in a different sphere than that of the material field in which he still places his feet.

An advanced understanding signals his intimate position.

He takes advantage of the day as the good student who is aware that his time on Earth is precious and not to be underestimated.

He discovers in the work, the blessed gift of evolving and improving.

In the ignorance of others, he discovers precious possibilities for service.

From the difficulties and afflictions on the path, he gathers resources for his own illumination and aggrandizement.

He witnesses obstacles go by, as he sees the clouds pass.

He loves responsibilities but makes no attachments.

He directs with devotion, but does not become possessive.

He aids without unhealthy inclinations.

He serves without enslaving himself.

He is attentive to the seeding obligations; however, he does not become disquieted with the crop, because he is aware that the farm and the plant, the sun and the rain, the water and the wind, belong to the Eternal Donor.

The user of the Divine wealth, wherever he may be, carries with him, in his conscience and in his heart, the personal treasures.

Blessed be the individual who proceeds forth, in spirit! To him, the painful death will be no more than the dawn of a new day, a sublime transformation, and a joyous awakening.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 82.