Raising Holy Hands

"I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing." Paul (Timothy, 2:8)

In this part of the first epistle of Paul to Timothy, we receive a precious suggestion for service.

Some students only desire to see an exhortation of praises in the text; notwithstanding, the converted one from Damascus, clarifies that we should raise holy hands in every place without anger or disputes.

Paul in this instance was not referring to the placing of the hands that the individual prefers to do in some religious circles where, due to the respectful artificiality of the situation, irritability or open disputes are not justifiable. The Apostle mentions the honest edification of the individual that collaborates with Divine Providence, and fulfills his daily work, which is perceived in the most hidden regions of the world.

Reading the suggestions, it is reasonable to recall that the individual in his personal effort invariably utilizes his hands in his daily work. If he is an administrator he directs the paths; if he participates in the intellectual work, he uses the pen; if he works in the field, he will drive the agriculture equipment. Paul adds that those hands should be sanctified. From that, it can be concluded that many people move their arms in their earthly task; however, it must be stressed the convenience of being aware of the intent and content of the action realized.

If you wish to apply this reasoning to yourself, pay attention before anything else if your determination is free of destructive anger and without useless demands.

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