That Is Your Responsibility

"I have sinned. He said, for I have betrayed innocent blood. What is that to us? They replied. That's your responsibility." (Matthew, 27:4)

Words regarding human evil are always cruel to those that listen to the criminal insinuations.

The case of Judas demonstrates the irresponsibility and the perversity of those who are involved in the execution of grave errors.

The careless spirit, upon considering the evil suggestions, in a short time is conduced to loneliness that surrounds him in the circle of disastrous consequences.

He, who conducts himself correctly, will find in the happy results of his initiatives, floods of companions who will wish to share his victories; meanwhile, rarely, will he feel the presence of someone who will share his afflictions during days of temporary defeat.

Such a reality induces one to be more cautious.

The bitter experience of Judas is still repeated daily among the majority of men, although in different fields.

There are those who listen to improper insinuations of malice or of indiscipline regarding inner tranquility referring to family matters and ordinary work. Sometimes man breathes peacefully resolving his necessary tasks; however, the envious suggestions and despair approach him, and he becomes disturbed with false hopes, inadvertently entering into dark and ingrate labyrinths. When he realizes the errors of his heart or mind, he becomes anxious toward the forerunners; however, the inferior world recalling the observations toward Judas, amusingly exclaim: "What is that to us? That's your responsibility."

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