Guard the Good Deposit

"Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you." Paul (II Timothy, 1:13)

Distribute the resources that Providence provided to your working hands; however, do not forget that the consoling words to the sickly represents a direct service from the heart in the cultivation of righteousness.

The bread from the body is an alms for which you will receive proper compensation, while a friendly smile is an eternal blessing.

Send messengers to the fraternal aid; but above all, at least every now and then, do not overlook visiting the sick brother and personally listen to him.

The expedition of assistance is a gesture that will make you likeable; however, your direct intervention of assistance to the needy, will provide you with the spiritual preparation to face your own battles.

Climb the platform and teach the path of redemption to all; but interrupt your discourse, every now and then, in order to listen to the laments of a companion through his personal human experience, even if it comes from a child of despair or of ignorance, so that you do not lose track of the proportions in your path.

Cultivate the flowers of the private garden of your loved ones, because, without the flowerbed of experience it is difficult to follow the noble and intensive task; however, do not flee from the human forest, fearing the worms and monsters that inhabit it; as, it is crucial that you prepare to advance, within it, in the future.

In the circles of life, do not forget the necessity of engraving the teaching within you.

Just as it is impossible to receive individual nourishment through a substitute, or to learn a lesson, by storing it in someone else's memory, you will not be able to present yourself in front of the Supreme Forces of Wisdom and of Love, by way of victories that you have not personally lived or personally achieved.

"Guard", therefore within you "the good deposit that was entrusted to you."

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