Eternal Tabernacles

"I tell you, use worldly wealth to gain friends for yourselves, so that when it is gone, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings" Jesus (Luke, 16:9)

An individual unaware of his spiritual obligations will consider that he finds in this passage an intelligent thief buying the favors of mercenary attorneys in order to reintegrate in the honorable titles of human convention. However, when Jesus spoke of friends, he was referring to sincere and consecrated brothers; when He referred to the riches of injustice, He was including the total past life of the individual, involving all of the painful lessons that characterize it. In the same manner, when He referred to the eternal tabernacles, he did not place them on a celestial stage.

The Master situated the sacred tabernacle in the heart of man.

More than anyone, the Savior identified our imperfections, and viewing us with immense pity, due to the deficiencies existing in our spirits, He uttered the divine words that will be helpful for our studies.

Being cognizant of our errors He affirmed, in essence, that we should take advantage of the transitory riches at our reach, actively involving us in the legitimate fraternity, in order that, by forgetting our crimes and hatred of other times, we become true brothers, one with the other.

Let us evaluate in this manner the permanence of our service on Earth, while incarnates or as discarnates, favoring all the resources at our disposal, the personal improvement and the elevation of our fellow man, participating in the direction of the light and always loving. By living within these norms of sublime solidarity, we will always be able to count on the dedication of faithful friends, who, being dedicated disciples more noble than we, will be able to assist us effectively by taking us into their hearts, converted in tabernacles of the Lord. They will assist us not only to obtain new opportunities of readjustment and sanctification, but also by endorsing our promises and aspirations before Jesus, regarding the superior life.

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