Your Faith

"Then He said to her: Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace." Jesus (Luke, 8:48)

It is important to observe that the Divine Messenger, after having dispensed beneficial assistance, always made a reference to the marvel of faith, which is a sublime patrimony to those who seek Him.

On diverse occasions we heard His expressive affirmation: "Your faith has healed you." The sick in body and in the soul, after their improvement or through their cure would hear that noble phrase. It is that the will and the confidence of men are powerful factors in the development and illumination of life.

The navigator without a course and without faith, will only be able to reach port, by virtue of the movement of forces in which he balances; however, absolutely ignoring what could occur to him.

The patient, who is incredulous of the action of the remedies, is the first to work against his own security. The man that appears to be disenchanted with everything will not respond with any useful cooperation in anything.

The souls that are empty, in vain claim the happiness that they feel the world owes them. The denials through which they wander, in life they transform into deadening zones, as isolators of electricity. Vitalizing current goes through, however, they appear insensitive.

In the enterprises and necessities on your path, do not isolate yourself in negative positions. Jesus can overcome all, your true friends will do anything possible for you; in spite of this, neither the Master nor your companions will be able to provide you, in an integral sense, that happiness that you seek, without the assistance of your faith, because you are also a child of the same God, with the identical possibilities of elevation.

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