In the Family

"These should learn, first of all, to put their religion into practice by caring for their own family and so repaying their parents and grandparents, for this is pleasing to God." Paul (I Timothy, 5:4)

The struggle in the family is a fundamental problem in the redemption of human beings on Earth. How can we be the benefactors to one hundred or one thousand people, if we have not, as yet, learned to serve five or ten individuals? This is a logical question, which extends to all sincere disciples of Christianity.

A good speaker and a poor servant are two titles that cannot be mixed.

The Apostle recommends the exercise of observing compassion in the center of all domestic activities. He does not allude to the compassion that weeps without courage when faced with afflictive enigmas, but rather, the one that recognizes the neuralgic zones of the home and strives to eliminate them, mindful of the Divine decisions, at the propitious time.

We know numerous brothers who feel spiritually lonely among those who have entered into their personal family circle through family blood ties, thereby falling into lamentable discouragement.

It is crucial, however, to examine these transitory physical bonds cognizant that there are no casual unions in existence on Earth, in a family household. Meanwhile, there is a preponderance of renovating and regenerating trials prevailing there. Therefore, let no one fail to take advantage of this sacred field of opportunity to be of service, even though you feel oppressed or overwhelmed by the incomprehension. It will constitute a grave error to overlook the infinite possibilities for illuminating service.

It is impossible to try to help the entire world when we fail to be useful in a small home, the one, in which the Will of the Father situated us, on a temporary basis.

Prior to making a great personal projection into collective service, let the student learn to cooperate in behalf of his family members of today, convinced that such an effort represents an essential achievement.

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