Because of Ignorance

"They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me." Jesus (John, 16:3)

Quite often, painful perplexities face the disciples inspiring them to question.

Why is there disharmony with regards to fraternal efforts?

The journey toward righteousness encounters somber barriers.

The establishment of the light is projected, but the darkness penetrates the path. Simple projects are formulated for clarity, which ill intentions attempt to interrupt at the first moment of its realization.

As a rule, the destructive demonstrations originate from distinguished individuals, who due to circumstances act as guides of the general thoughts. They, in the majority of the occasions, are the ones who instigate, through their discourses, impositions and improper demands.

However, the sincere student of Jesus should not waste time with questions and anxieties that are not justified.

The Divine Teacher clarified this great problem in advance.

Ignorance is the common source of unbalance. If this or that group of individuals tries to impede the manifestation of goodness, it is due to the lack of knowledge, at this time, of the blessings from Heaven.

It is no more than this.

It is essential, therefore, to disregard the darkness that still dominates the greater part of Earth, allowing each student to live in the Light that palpitates in the service to the Father.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 128.