In Everything

"We commend ourselves in every way: in great endurance; in troubles, hardships and distresses." Paul (II Corinthians, 6:4)

The majority of the students of the Gospel do not face the depth of religion seriously in life, but rather, only in the exterior worship. In the conception of many, it will be enough for them to earnestly attend the assemblies of faith, and with that, all the enigmas of the soul in the chapter of our relations with God will be deciphered.

However, the teachings of the Christ appeal towards a renovation and individual improvement in all circumstances.

What can we say of an individual who is apparently contrite in religious activities, confesses publicly in his own faith, but uses profanity in the sanctuary of his home? There are many who declare themselves to be believers in the multitudes, revealing laziness in their work, despair when in pain, insatiable in happiness, unfaithful in the facilities, and blasphemous in the anxieties of the heart.

With what motive would Jesus persist in the formation of His followers, only to have them light incense a few hours per week while kneeling? To attribute such matters to the Master would be to reduce His sublime principles.

It is indispensable that the students improve in every way, demonstrating the excellence of the ideas that nourish them, at home, as well as in the churches, in the private services, as well as in the public areas.

Certainly, no one will be obliged to live exclusively with their hands clasped in adoration, nor their eyes firmly fixed on the Heavens; however, let us not forget that gentleness, good will, cooperation, and fine manners compose a divine part of the living prayer in the apostolate of the Christ.

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