Spiritual Nutrition

"It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace, not by ceremonial foods, which are of no value to those who eat them." Paul (Hebrews, 13:9)

There are nutritional vices of the soul, just as there are nutritional vices of the body.

Many persons substitute pure water for inciting drinks, as occurs to many people who prefer to deal with a pernicious illusion regarding spiritual problems.

The nourishment of the heart, in order to be effective in the eternal life, shall be based on the simple realities of the evolutionary road.

It is crucial that we be fortified with illuminative values, without paying attention to the dazzling fantasies that come from the exterior. It is precisely on a religious path that such care and efforts demand a greater amount of evolvement.

The believer, as a rule, is always thirsting for situations that can satisfy his toxic whims, like a gourmet desires exotic dishes. However, in the same manner as these pleasures of the table in no way benefits the individuals' essential activities, the sensations learned in the zone of phenomena become useless to the spirit when it does not possess the sufficient interior resources to comprehend the ultimate purpose. Numerous students regard their respective religious experience, as a purely intellectual matter. But, it is indispensable to recognize that in order to become molded, definitely requires a sincere heart interested in the divine truths. When an individual places himself in this intimate position, he truly becomes fortified for the sublimation, because he recognizes so much material of dignified labor around his steps, that any transitory sensation to him, becomes localized at the last stepping stones on the path.

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