Necessary Renovation

"Do not put out the Spirit's fire." Paul (I Thessalonians, 5:19)

When the Apostle of the gentiles wrote this exhortation, he did not intend it to mean that the spirit, could be destroyed, but rather, he intended to renovate the mental attitude of so many who live actively suffocating their superior spiritual tendencies.

It is not rare to observe individuals acting against their own conscience in order to avoid being categorized as spiritual. In the meantime, the incarnate entities remain within the laborious apprenticeship in order to lift themselves from the world as glorious spirits. This is the greatest goal of the human schooling.

However, individuals linger at a distance from the great truth. They habitually prefer the rigorous conventionalism, and only in a costly way open their understanding to the realities of the soul. Customs are evidently a strong and determining element in the evolution; however, only when they are inspired by principles of a superior order.

It is necessary, therefore, not to asphyxiate the seeds of an edificating life that are born daily in the hearts influenced by our Merciful Father.

We have some companions that return from Earth through the same door of ignorance and indifference through which they had entered. This is the reason why as the disciples balance their daily activities they should ask themselves: What did I accomplish today? Did I accentuate the strokes of the inferior individual of yesterday or did I develop the elevated qualities of the spirit that I wish to retain for tomorrow?

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