"So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me." Paul (Romans, 7:21)

The sincere disciples of the Gospel, as described by Paul of Tarsus, encounter enormous conflicts in their own being.

As a rule, they confront enormous difficulties in their testimonies. In the precise instance that they wish to reveal the presence of the Divine Companion in their heart, one word and one momentary attitude betrays them before their very conscience, indicating the persistence of prior weaknesses.

The majority experience sensations of shame and pain.

Some attribute those falls to the influence of evil spirits, and generally seek this enemy in an exterior plane, when in actuality they should heal the undesirable cause within, which places them in tune with evil vibrations.

It is unquestionable that we still find ourselves very far from a region in which we can be exempt from adverse vibrations; however, it is important to verify the observation given by Paul within each one of us.

While mankind maintains itself either in cold indifference or in restless obstinacy, it is not called upon to a pure analysis; however, as soon as it awakens to the renovation, its inner camp turns into a battlefield.

Against this oscillating aspiration for righteousness, each day that goes by, a heavy baggage of accumulated shadows rises in our soul that has transpired in prior centuries. It is indispensable, therefore, that we observe great serenity and resistance on our part in order that the progress, thus achieved, is not lost.

The Father concedes us the clarity of today so that we might forget the darkness of yesterday in preparation for tomorrow, on the path of the imperishable light.

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