Fraternal Love

"Keep on loving each other as brothers." Paul (Hebrews, 13:1)

The family affections, the family ties, the natural attractions, can be manifestations of a pure soul when the individual elevates them to the altar of a superior sentiment; nevertheless, it is reasonable for the spirit not to fall from the weight of his personal inclinations.

Equilibrium is the ideal position.

Because of excessive protection, innumerable parents cause their children harm.

Owing to excessive preoccupations, many married couples descend to the caverns of despair, being confronted by the insatiable monsters of jealousy, which annihilates their happiness.

Due to lack of vigilance, beautiful friendships terminate in the abyss of the shadows.

The evangelic call, for this reason, is of great importance.

Pure fraternity is the most sublime system of relationships between souls.

The individual, who feels that he is a child of God and a sincere brother to others, is not a victim of the phantoms of grudge, envy, ambition or mistrust. Those who love one another fraternally, are happy with the joy of their companions, and feel pleased with the good fortune that visits their fellow man.

The violent friendships commonly known on Earth, pass by volcanically and uselessly.

In the web of the successive reincarnations, the affective titles go through constant modifications. It is so because the fraternal love, sublime and pure, representing the supreme objective of the efforts toward understanding, is the imperishable light that will survive in the eternal journey.

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