He Is One and the Same

"The Father Himself loves you." Jesus (John, 16:27)

Let no one fail to appreciate the values of confidence.

Let no servant flee from the benefit of being cooperative.

He, who today can give away something useful, will possibly require essential cooperation tomorrow.

However, though someone become enriched with fraternity and faith, let him not forget the necessity of the infinite evolvement in righteousness.

The earnest worker of the Gospel should try to avoid pernicious favoritism.

The divine work does not possess privileged ones. In its numerous areas there are more devoted and more faithful workers; nevertheless, they should not be classified as fetishes, but rather, respected and imitated as symbols of loyalty and service.

Creating idols of human beings is worse than raising statues for adoration. The marble is impassive, but the companion is our fellow human being, and he should never be abused.

Let each individual pay the tribute of his personal effort to life.

The Supreme Father expects only this of us, in order to convert us into direct collaborators.

The Christ Himself affirmed that the Father, who holds Him in high regard, loves all of humanity equally.

The God that inspires the doctor is one and the same as He who protects the sick.

It matters little if Asians and Europeans call Him by different names.

Invariably, He is the same Father.

Let us then, preserve the light of consolation, the blessing of the fraternal assistance, the confidence in our Superior Spiritual Brothers and the certainty of their protection. Above all, let us not forget our natural obligation to follow towards the Heights, making use of our own feet.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 150.