Against Foolishness

"Are you so foolish? After beginning with the spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?" Paul (Galatians, 3:3)

One of the greatest disasters on the path of the disciples is the false comprehension with which they initiate their efforts in the superior regions, marching inversely toward the areas of inferiority. They appear to be similar to the men seeking to find gold and readily accepting the mud of the puddles.

Similar failures are common in the distinct sectors of religious thinking.

We observe the sickly that direct their thoughts to a high spiritual level, absorbing noble impulses, and charged with precious intention; once they are cured, they reflect about the best way to apply the advantages herein obtained toward the acquisition of easy money.

Some, after being assisted by friends from more sublime spheres in transcendental questions of eternal life, wish to attribute to these same benefactors the function of human policemen in their search of undignified objectives.

Numerous students do persist in the work for righteousness; however, when unfavorable moments appear, they submit to discouragement reclaiming a prize for the diminishing years on Earth that they tried to serve in the work of the Divine Master, and completely overlook the multi millenniums, in which the Father has served us.

Such spiritual anomalies that considerably perturb the effort of the disciples, originate from the poisonous filters composed by the great desire for compensation.

Let us strive, then, against the expectation of retribution, so that we can continue in the task commenced in the company of humility, bearer of the imperishable light.

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