"With eyes full of adultery." (II Peter, 2:14)

"Eyes that are full of adultery" result in a stubborn illness in the future of our evolutionary struggles.

Rare individuals utilize their two eyes as blessed lanterns, and very few utilize them as living instruments for sanctifying tasks in the necessary vigil.

The majority of the people try to take advantage of them in face of any scenario, in identifying it with the worst thing they possess.

Common man usually focuses intently on a determined situation, in order to fix his sight on a more favorable angle regarding inferior interests. If they go across a field they do not observe the merits of the collective landscape of life, but rather, the possibility of personal and immediate gain that exists. If they notice an affectionate feminine companion on the path that is proceeding not too far away, as a rule, they have undignified premeditations. If they come across companions who are involved in inferior activities, they are not seen as possible bearers of elevated ideas, but as concurring with their own inappropriate ideas.

Let us listen to the alarming cry of Simon Peter, and put aside the habit of analyzing with evil.

Optimistic eyes shall be able to extract sublime teachings in the most diverse situations on the path that they follow.

Let no one ever claim the need for vigilance in order to justify manifestations of malice. A prudent Christian knows how to view his own problems, and above all never visualizes evil where evil does not exist.

XAVIER, Francisco Cândido. Our Daily Bread. By the Spirit Emmanuel. Spititist Alliance for Books, 2003. Chapter 169.