In the Revelation of Life

"With great power the apostles continued to testify of the resurrection to the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all." (Acts, 4:33)

The closest companions of the Divine Master did not establish the community services over stagnant immobile principles. They cultivated order, hierarchy, and discipline; moreover, they also assisted the spirit of the people, distributing the goodness of the spiritual revelation according to the receptive capacity of each one of the candidates of the new faith.

To deny, at present, the legitimacy of the spiritist effort, in the name of the Christian Faith, is an ignorant frivolous testimony.

The disciples of the Lord understood the importance of the certainty of life after death in order to triumph in the moral life. They witnessed the radical transformation in themselves, after the resurrection of their Heavenly Friend, upon recognizing that love and justice direct the being far beyond the tomb. For this very reason they would attract new companions, transmitting to them their conviction that the Master continued to live and was active beyond the grave.

For this reason the apostolic ministry did not become solely divided in the discussion of the intellectual problems of the faith and in adoring praise. The followers of the Christ supplied "with great power continued to testify of the resurrection to the Lord Jesus," and because of the love with which they devoted themselves to the task of salvation, there was within them "much grace."

Evangelical Spiritism arrives in order to mobilize the divine services that it enfolds, not only the consoling belief, but also the indisputable knowledge of immortality.

The dogmatic doctrines will continue aligning inoperative points of faith, freezing the ideas in obscured declarations; however, Christian Spiritism comes to restore, through its redeeming activities, the teaching of the individual resurrection, consecrated by the Divine Master, who Himself, returned from the shadows of death, in order to exalt the continuity of life.

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