Let Us Achieve Understanding by Serving

"At one time we too were foolish." Paul (Titus, 3:3)

The hammer is a true collaborator at the commencement of sculpturing; however, it cannot beat on the rock indiscriminately.

The bitter remedy establishes the cure of a sick body; however, science is required for the specific dosage.

No more, no less.

In the sowing of truth it is equally indispensable that we do not make thoughtless moves.

On Earth we do not breath in a home of angels.

We are millions of human beings in a labyrinth of clamorous debts from the past, and craving for the desired equation.

He who teaches with sincerity, naturally learned his lessons while crossing through difficult obstacles.

It is clear that excessive tolerance will result in the absence of a just defense; however, it is undeniable that in order to educate others we require an immense amount of patience and understanding.

Paul, who was incisive and strict, was not unaware of this reality.

As he is writes to Titus, he recalls his own doubts of another era in order to justify the serenity that must characterize our action while in service of the Redeeming Gospel.

We shall never reach our objectives by torturing wounds, indicating scars, commenting on defects, or lashing out thorns to another's face.

Comprehension and respect should precede our task everywhere.

Let us be reminded of our own passage through the lower circles and extend our fraternal arms to our brothers who struggle in the shadows.

If you feel that you are interested in the service to the Christ, bear in mind that He did not act as a promoter of accusations, but rather, in the tribunal of sacrifice till the moment of the cross, as an attorney representing the entire world.

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