Questions 1 to 3 - God and the Infinite

Spirits's replies to Allan Kardec

1. What is God?

"God is the Supreme Intelligence, the First Cause of all things."

2. What is meant by the Infinite?

"That which has neither beginning nor end: the unknown. All which is unknown is infinite."

3. Could we say that God is the Infinite?

"That would be an incomplete definition. Human speech is too impoverished and insufficient to define that which transcends human intelligence."

Allan Kardec's remarks:

God is infinite in divine perfection, but the Infinite itself is an abstract concept. Thus, to say that God is the Infinite is to replace the thing itself with one of its attributes; it is to define something that is unknown by referring to something else that is equally unknown.

KARDEC, Allan. The Spirits’ Book. 3.ed. International Spiritist Council, 2011.